WHITE LIGHTENING, Tantrums, and Crap

Other one had a friend over in the beginning of the week… He’s a loud one. Other One and Loud One usually tend to drink heavily when they hangout. So, they left and came back with… MOONSHINE. Other One and Loud One insisted on all of us trying the two different Moonshines. One was Apple Pie and the other was called WHITE LIGHTENING. Everyone liked Apple Pie, but Crazy and I did not. I do NOT like stuff that tastes like apples… gross. So, then I heard how bad the White Lightening was, and they made me smell it. It was almost like smelling rubbing alcohol. The boys drank some and their faces went all funny. Crazy looked at the boys and told them that I was a badass and the drink wouldn’t make my face do that. So, they made me drink it… Or I gave into peer pressure, whatever you want to call it. So, I took a little drink and it wasn’t half bad, so I went back for a little more. Other One was impressed, but Loud One told me, “nah, you’re taking bitch sips, get a mouth full!” So, I did, and it still was A-OK. Loud One laughed… LOUD and said “this girl knows her priorities!” I just shook my head and walked back to my room.

Crazy has a dog named Cyanide (Cy for short). She is the most beautiful black lab mix I have ever seen, but she can be a bit… ridiculous. When she wants to go outside she sits by the back sliding glass door, waits for you to make eye contact with her, then runs over to you, and runs back to the door. So, obviously you let her out…. Well, sometimes when you let her out, she’ll pretend she’s about to go potty and then she’ll turn around and bark at you to let you know it’s time for her to come back in. She is very indecisive. The other times she’ll actually go potty and then when she’s done, she’ll jump and slam into the glass door like she’s telling you “hey, bitch! I’m done!” Yup, Cy is definitely Crazy’s daughter.

We took family pictures this week with my soon to be step-brother-in-law, and his two boys. Now, since y’all don’t know me very well, I’m going to fill you in on a little secret… I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN. I have ever since I was two. I had a traumatic experience when I was younger; I was sitting on the table to get my picture taken, and the photographer at the studio changed the backdrop. When the backdrop changes it is extremely loud, so, naturally, I got really scared and jumped off the table. I don’t remember that memory, but my mom said that after that day, every time I would get my picture taken I would have a freak out that would consist of many tears and a lot of screams. I still freak out; I get nauseous, whiny, and grumpy. Getting my pictures taken puts me in a bad mood all day… However, we did get some nice shots; one of my favorites will be attached down below.

Another picture I have to show y’all is of Cy. One day this week she decided to lay on top of all the pillows on top of the couch. She looked pretty silly, so I got out my phone to take her picture and she buried her head down in the pillows as soon as she figured out what I was doing… you can’t even see her in the picture, but I knew that eventually she would raise her head, so I kept my camera at the ready. She has such a personality for a doggy.

In my last blog, I mentioned that I was a Nanny. Well, I nanny M-F in the afternoons for 3 kiddos. There ages are 5, 7, and 10. The youngest is a girl and the two older ones are boys. Well, we had a catastrophe this week… The 7 year-old clogged the toilet and didn’t tell anyone, and then the five year-old went in the bathroom and flushed it again, even when I specifically told her not, so by the time I got to her, everything in the toilet was at the rim. So, I went ahead and got the plunger and plunged whatever was stuck, out… and I didn’t really have a choice but to flush it. I knew that some would spill over and the rest would get flushed… Well, more than half of the bowl ended up on the floor, which I then spent the next hour and half cleaning and not trying to PUKE. I bleached the entire bathroom, and then did it again. Their maid came the next today, so I am beyond thankful that it got another bleaching. I am also incredibly thankful that I don’t have to see them again until January 2nd. Yay for Winter Break!

So, me and Madre like to pay attention to our weight, we are both on the path to a healthier us. We have a tendency to weigh every single day. That’s not good for anyone, so Crazy has been nice enough to steal our scales and bring them back out on Thursday nights, so we can weigh on Friday morning. I was so happy to see the scale again this morning. I got on, and thought ‘this is going to be good.’ I read the number… Let’s just say I’m ready for the scale to be taken back.

Enjoy your week!




I’m on the right and Crazy is on the left. ❤


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